3 Foods to Improve Senior Energy

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Most senior living facilities, nursing homes, and other independent/assisted living facilities place an emphasis on caring for the illnesses and other medical problems that residents develop over time. The Manor on Marston Lake differs in this respect because the focus is shifted from post care to preemptive and preventive care. Since the foods and liquids that individuals ingest over long periods of time play a large role in what illnesses may occur later on down the road, one can assume that a proper nutritional diet may, in fact, prevent the need for some medicines and certain forms of medical care in the future. No one likes taking medicine, so here is a list of 3 foods that are packed with nutrition – foods that are especially recognized for improving senior energy and improving mood. Read the information below to find out what items may make a nice addition to any weekly grocery list.


Yes, you read that correctly. Besides being incredibly delicious and perfect in just about anything, chocolate actually contains a series of benefits to the human body – good news to the chocolate fiends out there. Chocolate is comprised partly of epicatechin, a type of flavonoid that helps boost energy and decrease fatigue. Research indicates that the amount needed for boosting energy is a very small amount (about five grams on average). Eating three bars of chocolate is never a good idea; however, a few squares every now and again might actually improve your energy level and put you in a better mood. Some people even eat a small amount of chocolate before working out, and many swear that drinking a glass of chocolate milk after exercising is the best form of recovery.


The old remedy of an apple a day to keep the doctor away may actually ring true. Fruits, as a whole, are sure to give eaters an increase in energy because they contain natural fructose and a handful of vitamins. Research indicates that the most energy-inducing fruits on store shelves are grapes, oranges, tangerines, peaches, and all manners of citrus fruits (citrus fruits contain a higher level of fructose). As mentioned above, almost all fruits contain a lot of vitamins. Vitamin C, in particular, gives eaters an increase in energy. Keep in mind that fruit juices from the store are often poor substitutes for fruit itself because most store-bought juices contain few vitamins.  More often, they give drinkers a sugar rush that quickly results in an energy crash. Instead, grab a handful of grapes and enjoy an energy renewal that beats other more artificial alternatives.

Lean Meat

Meat gets a bad rap because a lot of meat has a high percentage of fat. However, there is a large variety of lean meat available that gives individuals plenty of protein power without the fat. Chicken, lean pork, turkey, and lean beef are all good ways to get the optimum daily protein intake, acting as fuel for the body. Interestingly, lean meats also contain an amino acid referred to as tyrosine. This amino acid functions in such a way that it boosts two key chemicals in the human brain. These chemicals – dopamine and norepinephrine — work to improve mood and focus.

The foods listed here are only several of the many options available for healthy energy boosts. There is no need to drink sugary pop or eat candy in order to feel the “sugar high” or “buzz” that so often accompanies unhealthy nutrition choices. The truth is that sugars quickly fade from the system, leaving individuals worse off than before. The next time hunger strikes, pick up a piece of fruit instead of a donut. It is sure to be far more satisfactory in the long run.

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