7 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s and How to Prevent

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As you age, it is important to be aware of the early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s. This post will let you know different signs to look out for and in addition, you will be able to decipher whether it may be Alzheimer’s or just old age.

1. Memory Loss

memory-lossOne of the most common signs is memory loss that could disrupt your daily life, especially if it is information you have recently learned. This could also mean forgetting significant dates or events that you normally would not forget. If you are having to rely on memory aids more and more, or family members keep having to remind you of things that you used to do on your own.

Memory loss can also be an age related change, so you have to know which is healthy and which may not be. For age related memory loss, this would include sometimes forgetting names or appointments, but then remembering later.

2. Challenges Solving Problems

You also may experience changes in your ability to follow a plan or work with numbers. You could begin to have trouble following a recipe that you would normally know like the back of your hand. You could also have trouble managing monthly bills. Concentration may be lacking which results in taking much longer to do something.

As always, this can also be an age-related change. If this is age-related, only occasional errors balancing a checkbook would be made.

3. Difficulty Completing Tasks

Another sign of Alzheimer’s is that you have difficulty completing daily tasks, whether you are at home, at work or at leisure. This could include having trouble driving to familiar locations, managing a budget, or forgetting the rules to your favorite game.

If this is only age-related, you will only need help occasionally with little things, like using the setting of the oven or how to record a television show.

4. Trouble Understanding Visuals

If you have difficulty reading, judging distance and determining color and contrast, this may be a sign of Alzheimer’s. In addition, this will also cause problems with your driving ability.

But, if this is due to age-related vision trouble, your vision will change due to cataracts.

5. Problems Speaking and Writing

Another sign of Alzheimer’s would be if you have trouble following or joining in a conversation. It is possible that you may forget stop talking in the middle of a conversation and forget how to repeat yourself. You may struggle with vocabulary words by calling things the wrong name.

If you have problems speaking due to old age, you will only sometimes have trouble finding the right word, but it is nothing serious.

6. Poor Judgement

If you have Alzheimer’s, you may experience changes in judgement or decision-making. These decisions can include having trouble dealing with money and giving it away to marketers. You may also have trouble keeping yourself well groomed and clean.

If you are only making bad decisions once in a while, it is nothing to worry about. It is perfectly natural as a human.

7. Changes in Mood and Personality

One sign that most people with Alzheimer’s possess is that their mood changes from one extreme to another. One example would be becoming easily upset in places you are uncomfortable in. In addition, you can change in personality and stop being involved in friendly and social activities.

If these changes are only age-related, you will sometimes get irritable in certain situations, as well as sometimes feeling weary of social situations.

If you believe to have any of these symptoms, see a doctor for more information. If you or your loved one needs accommodations specifically built for Alzheimer’s patients, call The Manor on Marston Lake at (303) 932-9808 today!

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