Amenities Every Assisted Living Home Should Have

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bauty_salonWhen you think of assisted living facilities, you must make sure they have the most important amenities before you make your decision. Below are 5 major deciding factors that you must consider.

Access to Healthcare

This is probably the most important factor. All assisted living facilities should have access to healthcare. As everyone ages, healthcare is very important to health and safety.  This healthcare can vary depending on your need for care and the level of care the facility offers. Seniors just need to know what their needs are when it comes to medical and choose based on those factors.

These services may include medication management and assistance. The medications will be received at a timely manner and will keep the seniors safe. This is great comfort to family members because they know their loved one will be taken care of medically.

High Level of Personalization

Some facilities offer a high level of personalization when it comes to their preferences. For example, individually controlled heating and air control can be a great personalization for those who are sensitive to the air temperature.

A great benefit to having a facility that is so personalized that senior’s meals can be personalized based on their food preferences and/or allergies to foods. If a senior is a picky eater, this is one amenity that they should look out for. In some facilities, the residents can submit their own menu.

Also, look for facilities with 24-hour cafes. This can be great for someone who does not eat at the specified times or gets hungry at all hours of the night.


In most assisted living facilities, they have time for pampering activities. Some even do your laundry and cleaning for you. Hiring a housekeeper has never been easier.

In addition, some even have beauty salons or barber shops to keep the residents looking their best! These salons and barber shops can include the following; hair washing, styling, grooming, manicures and pedicures.

Another added benefit that some assisted living facilities offer in an in-house massage therapist to keep the stress low with the residents.

Senior’s Well- Being

Almost all assisted living facilities have activities your well-being. They offer fitness classes for your body, along with free personal trainers if necessary. They can also include heated pools and therapy pools for the ultimate relaxation or exercise.

Some facilities also offer activities to keep your mind sharp. These can include brain games as well as personalized memory management training. These games are said to build self-esteem and help immensely with memory loss.

Other Vital Amenities:

  • Personal and Community Spaces to spend you time
  • The facility is safe and secure (i.e. handrails, exit sign, security system, etc.)
  • 24-hour emergency system
  • 3 meals a day
  • Shuttle buses and transportation
  • A list of monthly activities
  • Assistance with the daily activities, if needed

For an assisted living facility that has all of these amenities, call The Manor on Marston Lake at 303-932-9808 today!

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