Questions to Ask When Visiting Assisted Living Facilities

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Assisted Living Questions Checklist

Assisted living offers senior adults a long-term residential option that promotes independence while offering a variety of services designed to assist them with their daily needs. Once you have made the decision that assisted living is right for you or your loved one, you will be ready to begin the process of finding a residence that is both comfortable and capable of providing professional services that enhance senior health and well-being. As you begin your search, use this checklist to help narrow down your options and find the perfect home.


What Types of Apartments are Available?

A quality assisted living facility will offer several different types of apartments and floor plans to suit individual needs. When choosing one, plan for the long-term. For example, a senior with limited mobility may require an apartment large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

What are the Staff Qualifications?

Every state has a different set of laws concerning the training and experience required for staff members at assisted living facilities. However, you should expect to hear that each staff member has either completed an approved program, or they have received on-the-job training. There should also always be at least one member of the staff on duty who is certified in First Aid and CPR.

Are the Apartments Furnished?

Some assisted living facilities include furniture in every apartment that will include a bed, couch and table. However, others will also offer the option of unfurnished apartments for those who prefer to bring their personal belongings. This is strictly a personal preference on which you or your senior loved one can decide.

Is a Nurse On Duty 24/7?

Assisted living facilities are non-medical residences that provide many services such as meal preparation, housekeeping, medication management and personal care. For this reason, they are not required to have a nurse on duty around the clock. However, you should expect for staff members to be able to handle minor health problems, and a physician should be on-call in the event of a serious health event.

Do Staff Members Distribute Medication?

Medication management is one aspect of a senior’s daily routine that often requires assistance to prevent missed pills and mix-ups. If this is a concern for you or your loved one, make sure that the staff will store and distribute medications as needed.

What Pricing Plans are Available?

Most facilities will offer a monthly rate that can vary depending upon the type of apartment chosen. Make sure to understand what services will be provided and any additional costs such as transportation before deciding if it fits your budget.

Are Pets Welcome?

A facility that encourages residents to bring their personal pets recognizes the benefits that caring for an animal can have for senior health. Having their cherished companion come along can also ease the transition for seniors who are apprehensive about changing homes.

What Types of Activities are Provided?

One of the best benefits of assisted living is having the opportunity to enjoy social activities with other seniors. Ask to see an activity calendar that should include events such as exercise classes, book discussions, movies and games. These activities keep senior’s mentally stimulated, promote better physical health and prevent feelings of isolation.

How Safe is the Facility?

It is important to ensure that the assisted living facility implements security measures to keep all residents safe. These may include an alarm system, locks on each apartment, and a receptionist to monitor guests. Additional safety features such as a gate around the entire facility can also keep guests safe when they are outdoors. A facility that values safety should also very few, if any, reported security events in the past year.

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