Benefits of iPads for Senior Citizens

Posted by Mike McQuinn on October 7, 2013 | no comments

ipads-seniorsThroughout the years, technology has advanced to give other a way to make many things easier in a very complicated society. Seniors should be able to take advantage of this advancing technology. There are many benefits to senior citizens using iPads. People of all ages are learning to communicate and do specific tasks with the iPad. Many seniors are finding out that a small pad makes a big difference in a normal way of doing things. Below, I have listed and explained a few different benefits to seniors learning how to and using an iPad.

Weight Consideration

The iPad is very lightweight at less than 2lbs, much different than a PC or Laptop. This allows people to carry it around without any trouble. It can also easily be held up when sitting in a chair or couch. The lightweight aspect makes it a clear choice for use away from a desk or table. Seniors can use the iPad anywhere in any setting with ease.

Larger Buttons

Since the prompts and the keypad fill the screen, it makes it very manageable even if you have large fingers or have lost a little dexterity. The touchscreen technology adapts to users of all shapes and sizes. Because it is so easy to use, it takes away the intimidation that can come with using computers.


Technology can be very daunting even if you are accustomed to many gadgets and gizmos. The great thing about the iPad is that these considerations were taken into consideration when they created this technology. They created a design that can be learned and mastered even by someone who has never used technology before. The versatility also opens up the opportunity to use video and other challenging events just a few touches away. All the complication is taken out of the equation.  The forgiving interface makes it more appealing to those not used to a computer or smart phone.


The weight and the design make it extremely easy to carry, whether it is by hand or in your purse. It is perfect for the on the go senior or one that stays at home. The iPad is great for anyone.

Many people, especially senior citizens, have been avoiding the computer age for fear of technology. The iPad makes seniors realize that technology does have to be scary. It can be fun and there are options for those who do not know much about computers. The iPad portable product that is easier on the eyes and friendly for the hands. The iPad has begun to close the technology gap that some have been facing. Some users may still have some adjustment, but we are getting much closer. All in all, the iPad has so many benefits for senior citizens.

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