Communication Devices for Seniors

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When looking for communication devices for you or a loved one,  it is important to make sure they can easily use the device in an emergency. After all, before we had GPS, applications and other modern phone features we used them for emergencies and remote communication. Another consideration to make is the difference between a medical alerting device and a cell phone. Medical alerting devices are designed to be on the person at all times in case of emergency and normally only call an emergency number. However, cell phones have been designed to be used both as a phone and a medical alerting device. Even though, cell phones normally have a greater profile and are harder to ensure is always with the user.

How to Identify a Good Senior Communication Device

It is easier for seniors  to live more independently with the constantly evolving forms of communication.  It is  important to find a way for your loved one to easily call for assistance or for emergency help as they grow older. There are a few features that you will want to look for in communication devices: easy to use, emergency or “SOS” buttons and easy to read display.

Saying something is “easy to use” is a relative term to the senior, but in many cases a senior could have problems with seeing or using an average device. Most “easy to use” devices are a decent size to hold on to, use buttons that are easy to read, are press buttons instead of a touch. Also the communication devices are more rugged and durable in case of being dropped or damage they will take the abuse. The first two features are must haves, especially as you or your loved one grows older, but being rugged varies depending on the brand and model you choose.

As for the “SOS” button and easy to read display these are a must for a senior. The “SOS” or emergency button acts as a medical alert device on most senior cell phones today. This is a single use button that will call emergency personnel in the event the need arises. If you have found a phone but it doesn’t have this feature, keep looking, the “SOS” or emergency button saves lives.

Lastly having an easy to read display on a communication device  is a no brainer. Most devices you will find with both the easy to use features and the “SOS” button will also have an easy to read display. Be sure the device is easy to read for the end user though.  It is important that the user of the phone is comfortable enough with the device that they will carry and regularly use it.

Popular Senior Cell Phones

kevenz-km100-senior-cell-phoneOne of the most important communication devices today is the Cell Phone.  A cell phone can be taken with them where ever they go and can be used for emergencies as well as a casual conversation.  Cell phones for Seniors can be purchased for many different handicap abilities, including hearing impaired, larger keypad for eye sight deficiencies and many other services a senior may need.  Below are some popular cell phones for seniors, the brands Snapfon and Kevenz often have the best product for seniors because of the simplicity and easy of use.

medical-alerting-deviceSenior Medical Alert Devices

There are many different emergency devices which are available to Seniors. There are emergency call buttons that are worn around their neck or key chain on their wrists. The devices are specifically worn for emergencies and are used for seniors to contact medical personnel. There are many different brands, they can be purchased as low as 29.99 a month from Medical Alert. These devices are normally best for independent living seniors who might not have some one around for assistance immediately and may have a more difficult time using a cell phone.

Assistance is Still a Priority

Purchasing one of these devices to help communicate can be one of the most important decisions to make for your loved one. Do not forget though this is not a substitute for help and assistance on a regular basis; these are just devices to help seniors keep their independence and safety a  top priority. Also make sure that you help to acquaint yourself and your loved one with which ever device you choose. It will be very important they know how to use the device especially in an emergency situation.

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