Fun Online Activities for Seniors

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While it can be fun to spend a day outside and take in the sun from time to time, even for the senior in your life, sometimes it’s nice to stay in. And during such times, it is always a good idea to have something for them to do, to make sure that they’re keeping active, or at least that their minds are.

The internet is a great source of online activities. You can find things that they can do entirely online, or you can find guides online for activities that they may enjoy, such as crafts that they can make. Here are just a few ideas for a fun online activity that the senior in your life might enjoy.

Classic Movies Or Television

While it can be hard to find old shows or films on DVD or Blu Ray, it can be simple to find them online. Indeed, Netflix and Hulu often have some great shows that the senior in your life might enjoy watching. They may even be able to find shows and films that were on television or in theaters when they were much younger, providing entertainment and even a chance to bond over old art.

fun online activities for seniors

Sudoku And Other Puzzles

Puzzles not only help the older members of your family keep focused and sharp, but they give a sense of accomplishment when someone manages to complete one. Because of this, the myriad of apps and websites out there that allow you to play Sudoku and other similar puzzles for free are a great choice for an activity. Not only can a Sudoku puzzle fill a lot of time, but it can keep your elderly relative feeling sharp. Here’s one fun site where you can put together classic puzzles online!

Craft Ideas

If there is one thing that there is an abundance of on the internet, it is ideas for crafting. Sure, some of them may be beyond the scope of what your senior is capable of or should be doing, but plenty will be something they can enjoy with you or with your other family members.
If you go online, for example, you can find a cross stitch pattern for nearly anything. Your elderly loved one could enjoy cross stitching anything from a beautiful set of flowers or bowl of fruit to modern cartoon characters and their catchphrases! You can also find instructions for a wide variety of other crafts, which will leave you not only with a satisfying day of memories, but also a keepsake to cherish.


I’m not saying that your older family members are going to want to play the latest and greatest video game that just came out. However, if they enjoy chess, checkers, or cards, they may enjoy playing against real people online. There are many sites out there for doing just that, and most of them are free. Playing chess online, in particular, can be something that your aging family members might enjoy, as well as something that will keep them sharp.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of activities you can find online that your older family members may enjoy. Be sure that when finding an activity online, you take into account their tastes and preferences, and that you find something that you can include the family in.

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