Grandparent’s Day Survey

Posted by Mike McQuinn on September 6, 2013 | no comments

In West Virginia, Marian McQuade campaigned for a national holiday in honor of all the amazing grandparents out there.nat-grandparents-day President Jimmy Carter signed a presidential proclamation that made Grandparent’s Day a national holiday. The first Grandparent’s Day was on September 9, 1979. Each year on the first Sunday after Labor Day, people all over celebrate this great day to honor their grandparent’s.

There are many different activities you can do on this amazing day. You can visit a museum or just have a dinner and relax at their home, the ideas are endless. Grandparents love being grandparents and all they need is your love and affection to know that you appreciate all they do for you!

We have created a survey that allows you to tell us how great your grandparents are! For every question that is answered, we will donate a dollar to the selected winner’s favorite charity.

Enter to win by filling out our survey below and from all of us at The Manor on Marston Lake, we want to thank your grandparents for all you have done!


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