8 Great Things To Do When The Grandkids Visit

Posted by Mike McQuinn on August 20, 2016 | no comments

Things for Seniors to do with KidsIt’s always difficult for two groups of people who grew up in very different times to connect to each other. When two groups don’t have much in common, it can become hard to find commonalities, and easy to dwell on the things that make them different. This is a problem that children, especially very young children, can run into when they spend time with their grandparents.

People of my generation, our grandparents were mostly the men and women who lived through (and fought in) World War 2. They grew up in a world where electricity was just becoming common, where the banks had let their parents down, and in a time where most people didn’t have a high school education, much less a college education (both of my grandparents ended their education at the eighth grade, for example). They don’t have much in common with the youth of today on the surface.

So what can they do together that both may be able to enjoy and that can bring both groups closer together? The list is a bit longer than most people would think. Here are just 8 great ways to spend a day with the grandkids.


Video gaming.
I know, video gaming has long been considered the realm of the young (which is odd, because the average age of someone playing video games is mid-thirties), but with the Wii and WiiU and motion controls, family gaming has never been more alive. The grandkids and grandparents can have a fun day of playing Mario as a team, or they can bowl from the comfort of the couch and living room. The possibilities are endless!


A day of crafting. Some people may not enjoy building or creating as much as others, but if the grandkids and grandparents both find enjoyment from crafting that they can both do safely, there’s nothing wrong with them spending the day together building or crafting. Just be sure to supervise use of power tools if needed.


A trip to the movies. Believe it or not, everyone can enjoy some movies, and a day out at the theater with the grandparents and grandkids can be a fun day for all, no matter how old the grandparents are. Honestly, even going to see a movie with very young grandkids can be fun, as the quality of Disney movies and Pixar films continues to improve.


Volunteering together. There is never a bad time to give back to the community, and giving back with the family can make this experience twice as fulfilling. Seniors and their grandkids can come together and help the community while also forming memories that will be cherished for years to come.


A day at the museum. There’s never a bad time to go to the museum. It’s a great opportunity to learn and to expand anyone’s knowledge, and even a trip to an art museum can be a lot of fun for both grandparents and grandchildren. In some cases, it may even be a great chance for the grandparents to talk about historical events that they remember from their lives, like the Cold War, which anyone not in their mid-20s didn’t live through.


Spa day. A relaxing day of being pampered and taken care of is something that anyone of any age can enjoy. Going to the spa or to a nail salon or something similar and having grandparents and grandkids enjoy the service that they can provide is a great way to spend a day together while also getting a chance to talk and bond over a mutually enjoyable activity.


A day in the park. The great outdoors is fun for anyone, and a great place to enjoy the scenery, have a nice and quiet meal, and to even take in some light exercise. It’s a great chance to get the grandparents out of their homes and out of their routines, and it makes for a great chance to get the grandkids away from their electronics and internet for a while to enjoy the beauty that is all around us. A trip to the park can be a great way to enjoy a day with the seniors in your life.


Cooking. Depending on what is being prepared, it can take anywhere from two hours to two days, and cooking a great gourmet meal can make for a good day long activity. It’s also another one of those great ways to spend a day that will leave both with a finished product that they can enjoy at the end of the day’s activities (in this case, a sumptuous meal).

So, if you are looking to help your children enjoy their grandparents and their company, here are just a few ideas. Obviously, you’ll know your children and grandparents better than I do, and so you will have a better idea of specific things that they can enjoy, but this general list will help immensely.

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