Hobbies for Active Seniors

Posted by Mike McQuinn on October 22, 2013 | no comments

Once seniors get older and retire, they have a lot more time on their hands. Seniors love being able to pursue hobbies once they have free time available. Hobbies are more than a way to keep entertained; they are often a passion and a love that was long differed. Below are a few hobbies that are great for senior adults and can strike passion in them.


familytreeIt is not only very important to know where you family comes from; it is also fun and addicting. I have actually started looking into my genealogy and I finding more about my family every day. It is great to see where you come from and you are able to share this with the rest of you family. Online resources can tap into the side of family you would have never been able to find on your own.


The word travel often strikes the thought of an expensive trip, but it does not have to be that way. For seniors who are on a limited budget, weekend trips and short vacations are a great option. There are even travel resources that set up a wonderful trip for you at a low cost. Expand your horizons and take a fun trip with some of your friends or family.

The Internet

Internet browsers are getting easier to use as the years progress. The iPad makes it extremely useful for senior citizens to browse the Internet as well. Once seniors start to use the Internet they often fall in love with it. They realize how much information is available to them at their fingertips. They are also beginning to join social media groups at an extremely fast growing rate.

Art and Music

The arts have always been a classic hobby for seniors. It is a way to express themselves in ways they never had time for before now. These activities include painting, learning an instrument, sculpting or writing can often unlock something they never knew they had before. Remember that it is never too late to do what you really enjoy.

The hobbies above are very entertaining and I hope that you will attempt each of these because it is very important to keep you mind and body active.

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