Perfect Gifts for Your Grandchildren

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gifts_for_grandchildren_s2With Christmas around the corner, it can be hard to to come up with the perfect gift for your grandchildren. In this post, you can get some ideas for your grandchildren at any age.

Baby’s First Year

For the baby’s first Christmas, the parents can be very overwhelmed with toys for their child, so it is important that you are unique and wise in your decisions. Find something that can be used throughout the next couple of years. A great toy for this is half book, half toy. It can serve as a toy in the younger years and as the child grows, they can learn important things such as the alphabet or animals and their sounds. It will be a toy that can be used for a long time.

Toddlers Age 1-3

What is great about toddlers is that they take joy in new skills and discoveries. Toys for this age should be geared to help the little ones develop and grow. Also, since toddlers can be rough on toys, it should be sturdy enough to withstand their rough play.

For Preschoolers 3-5

These gifts should promote skill building and imaginative play. A great gift to give is a gift that promotes a mixture of sharing and imagination. A toy truck can be great for skill building as well as developing imagination because the children will usually imagine scenarios that involve the truck.

For School Aged 5-9

This is when the toys are most fun and are gender neutral. These are suitable for individual use as well as sharing. A great choice for this is a play castle or play kitchen. The children can imagine scenarios alone but can also have a lot of fun with friends.

For Tweens Aged 9-12

This is the age where it becomes a bit more difficult to buy for. Each tween has different likes and dislikes, so find these out and try and be creative and buy a gift the suits these likes and dislikes. Also, asking their parents for advice can help assist you in your gift giving idea.

For Teenagers and Young Adults

This requires some research about what is popular in today’s society and what tennagers and young adults like. Nowadays, this includes something that has electronics. Visit your local electronics store and do some research on your own.

These tips are brought to you by The Manor on Marston Lake Assisted Living Facility. I hope these tips have helped you find the perfect gift for your grandchild this holiday season.

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