Teach your Brain to Reduce Stress

Posted by Mike McQuinn on February 12, 2014 | no comments

Image by Flickr User UrbaneWomenMag

Image by Flickr User UrbaneWomenMag

Sometimes, when you are too stressed, it feels as though you cannot think straight. This can leave you feeling frazzled and unable to remember particular things such as what you need at the grocery store.

An overworked brain can lead to stress, which in turn can contribute to the formation of bad habits like watching the television and not paying attention to the amount of physical activity you are exerting.

In this post, I will talk about some mental workouts that you can do at home to train your brain to deal with stress in a healthier way. When you train your brain, your stress will hopefully reduce and you will be able to stay focused and crush bad habits.

Step 1: Taking deep breaths will allow you to get calm and focused. In this controlled breath, you will breathe in for 6 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, then you will slowly exhale for 7 seconds. This will control you heart rate and let your mind get into a natural and effective work pattern.

Step 2: Try and think of a goal that you want to achieve. This goal can be related to work, finance, home, or anything you would like to work on. Once you have decided the goal you would like to achieve, state it out loud as if you have already performed that goal. This is a great way to tell yourself who you are and what you are capable of achieving.

Step 3: Run a personal highlight reel in your mind for 60 seconds. For the first 30 seconds, try and remember 3 things that you have done well in the past 24 hours, then for the remaining 30 seconds imagine 3 more things you will do well in the next day. Doing this activity will boost your confidence and help you brain process things in a positive manner.

Step 4: Repeat step 2 and think of the goal you have chosen to work on. This will reassure your self-image of success.

Step 5: Repeat step 1 to remind yourself of the feeling of being calm and in control.

Try and achieve these steps everyday. If you miss a day or two in the process, do not worry, you will still achieve the success you desire to reduce your stress level. Just make sure you do not give up.

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