The Benefits of Assisted Living in Littleton, CO

Posted by Mike McQuinn on January 30, 2017 | no comments

You can find assisted living facilities all across the country. They are in suburb and cities, even in rural areas. Each location offers something special. If you are looking for an appropriate location for your elderly loved one, why is Littleton, Colorado the best option? Why is the Manor on Marston Lake the best place for them to spend their later years?

To begin with, Littleton has the ‘small town America’ feel to it. While the main street in a large city is usually filled with imposing and towering buildings and packed with traffic, Littleton’s main street is a simple and beautiful historic area. It looks beautiful and rustic and brings to mind the past, easier times, and the kind of small community where everyone knew. It’s a community where anyone, even someone advanced in their years, can feel at home and feel safe and comfortable.benefits of assisted living in littleton

Littleton is home to a fantastic symphony orchestra. The director of this orchestra is Jurgen de Lamos, an accomplished cellist and the youngest member of the the Leonard Bernsetein-directed New York Philharmonic. Fantastic orchestral music and arrangements are never far away in Littleton, Colorado.

Littleton is also home to the Hudson Gardens, a non-profit botanical garden that is open year-round. Even better, between November and April, there is no admission fee to enjoy the grounds. Every summer, the gardens offers a summer concert series. In 2016, this concert series included such names as Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Lita Ford, Travis Tritt, and even Weird Al Yankovic. Obviously, some concerts may be more applicable to your aging loved ones than others, but the concert series brings in some real talent, talent which you can enjoy as a family for an outing.

Littleton is also home to a museum celebrating Littleton’s history as a farming community. This museum even has two ‘living history’ farms, one representing the 1860’s era of farming and the other representing the 1890’s era of farming. A great way to spend a family day out and about with your aging loved ones and the kids!

The Marston neighborhood (where our facilities are) are at the extreme southwest corner of Denver. This means that, in the event of an emergency of a medical nature, we have access to high-quality and advanced medical facilities nearby that can provide the best care for your aging loved one.

The area itself is just beautiful. There are lakes, forests, and all the visages that you would expect from a farming community. Driving through Littleton and Marston is a treat, and being able to wake up and see such beauty every morning is certain to help your loved one transition into their new life at our location.

These are just a few of the things that Littleton has to offer for your loved ones, and just a few reasons that the Manor on Marston Lake will be able to help them feel at home and at rest. Reach out today for more information.

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