The Cost of Assisted Living

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cost of assisted living‘Is it worthwhile to spend the time and money to put your elderly loved ones in an assisted living facility?’ This question has been on the mind of many families when they are faced with having to make changes to their lives in order to take care of an elderly or aged loved one. For some families, especially those with young children, caring for an elderly loved one simply may not be possible. For others, it may require specialized knowledge that they do not possess.

Whatever the reason, assisted living is an option. But is it a cost-effective option for the average family and the average budget? At the Manor on Marston Lake, assisted living services cost between 4,650 and 6,250 dollars a month, but this is all-inclusive and provides for everything that your aging loved one may need. Still, either way, that is a sizeable amount of money for you to spend.

What are Your Getting for the Price?

Those costs can look daunting, especially when they are looked at out of context. There is much provided to your aging loved one in that price. To begin with, they will be provided with room and board at the beautiful Manor on Marston Lake. Room and board make up the plurality of expenses for most who will stay at the Manor. Here are just a few other services that they will receive while at Manor on Marston Lake:

  • Medication administration and management. As your loved one ages, they will likely be given a variety of medications that they must take, and the caring staff will help ensure that all medications are taken at the appropriate time.
  • Assistance with their daily life. Dressing, bathing, grooming, housekeeping, cleaning of the linens and personal laundry, assistance with arranging appointments and transportation, things of that nature.
  • Three meals a day, plus 24-hour snacks as requested.
  • Outings, entertainment, fun and therapeutic activities at the Manor, physical fitness, cultural enrichment, and social activities to make sure that the Manor feels like home.
  • And much, much more

Comparing the Manor to Home Life

As our loved ones age, they will require more and more care. Depending on how they age, they may even require specialized knowledge and care, particularly if they suffer from dementia as they age. If we try to take care of them at home, we won’t just need to spend money on doing so. Taking care of an elderly loved one, especially if they have a form of dementia, can be a full-time job. If you also have to care for a young child, or if you have a full house already, much as you may want to be able to take care of them at home, you simply may not have the time to do so.

At the Manor, they can receive the specialized care that they need. They can receive help for their dementia that you may not be able to provide. They can be looked after all day, and taken care of. Perhaps most importantly of all, you can visit any time to see your loved one and to enjoy some time with them.

Choosing to send a loved one to an assisted care facility is a difficult choice. Hopefully, this knowledge will make it just a bit easier for you to help the aging loved one in your life.

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