Think Video Games are For Kids? Think Again – Video Games for Seniors

Posted by Mike McQuinn on May 1, 2017 | no comments

We think of the video game market as a market that is the bailiwick of the young, children and teens and a few young adults. The reality is, though, that the average age of a gamer is increasing every year. Because of this, game companies have found incentive to reach out to markets that were generally thought of as ‘non-gamer’ markets. This allows an entire family to enjoy a video game night together, or for grandparents and grandkids to play games for seniors

There are quite a few games out on the market today that your aging family members can enjoy alongside your children. Let’s take a look at a handful.

Almost Anything On Wii Or Wii U

When the Nintendo was revealing the Wii, they were talking about it being a family system. It’s very accessible, very easy to use, and it allows you to play using both movement or with the controls.

The game varieties that the Wii and Wii U have to offer are wide and diverse. You can play literally any kind of game, from more adult content that the seniors might enjoy on their own (hey, older people can still enjoy action!) to games that they can play with their grandkids, like Wii Sports. The Wii and Wii U are family systems, and because of this, they have a wide variety of titles that everyone will be able to enjoy.

The Classics

In recent years, the video game market has found that it is often more profitable to remaster a classic game than to make a new one. For the game companies, this is a quick way to cash in on nostalgia. For the older members of your family, however, this can mean that they’re seeing a game that they saw decades ago. They can play Super Mario 3, a game originally on the Nintendo Entertainment System, on the Wii U with their grandkids, and reminisce while trying to save Princess Peach all over again.

These classics are great for two reasons. First, it teaches the young where the games came from, and what the lineage of titles out today is. Secondly, it allows them to see what their elders saw. Additionally, it can be a comforting experience for anyone who seeks to recapture earlier times through their gaming.

Super Mario

Super Mario is a game that was originally going to be a Popeye game. The makers couldn’t get the rights, so they wound up creating the world’s most iconic video game character instead. Since then, Mario and his friends have done everything, from battling to save a world in a Role-Playing Game to golf outings. They’ve had 8 successful parties, and even took time out for a few games of tennis!

One of the best things about the series, though, is that the games have been getting easier and easier since the Gamecube era. So, if you’re looking for a great game for the whole family and for gamers of many different skill levels to play together, a modern Mario game is a great choice.

VR Games

Virtual reality is the new ‘latest greatest’ in the gaming world. It is more immersive, and that can be a great thing. Depending on what your senior likes to play, there are a variety of titles that are immersive and fun, available right now on various VR headsets. A word of caution, though; don’t let them play Resident Evil 7. It is genuinely terrifying.

The video game market has finally begun to understand that it can be a market for all people, and this means that by the time you’re reading this post, there will likely be more options open for seniors. Let them dip a toe into the world of gaming with a Super Mario 3 or Super Mario World, and see where it leads to!

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