Top 5 Assisted Living Myths

Posted by Mike McQuinn on October 15, 2015 | no comments

When it comes to assisted living, you can expect to find a number of myths floating around. Besides that, things that may be true about one assisted living center may not be true at all at another one. Each one has their own rules, goals, and methods, so it is important to know what you are dealing with beforehand. Here are the top 5 myths you may encounter as you begin to look around for a quality assisted living center.

1) A Loss of Privacy

When moving to an assisted living center, privacy can be maintained. You can often choose what type of living arrangement is desired, whether it is in an apartment or other arrangement. Seniors can also choose from a variety of floor plans, and the doors are locked by you.

2) Assisted Living Communities Are Lonely

residents-playing-gamesAlthough moving to an assisted living facility may mean not being as close to family and loved ones, moving to an assisted living situation can hardly be said to be lonely. Instead, most facilities offer a number of activities for seniors, as well as providing group meals. If the facility is close to home, they can not only make new friends, but will still be able to visit their old friends, too. They may also be able to continue on in some of their current activities in the community.

3) A Loss of Independence

People who live at home are often concerned with taking care of it. Seniors, particularly women, tend to spend more time cleaning than men. Those who move into an assisted living situation are often able to spend more time socializing per day. They are also able to spend more time in doing things they enjoy, such as sports, taking classes, enjoying a hobby, etc.

4) Children Are Responsible to Take Care of their Parents

When the children are able to provide for their parents without undue stress, it may work out well. However, taking care of aging parents can get to the point where a caregiver may have to quit a job or reduce hours. This can easily lead to increased stress from having fewer finances, and this can actually shorten the life of the caregiver.

By placing your loved one in an assisted living center at the right time will not only reduce the stress, but it can help all involved to be happier. He or she can be around more people and will also have access to professional and medical help as needed. Meals can be prepared daily and other services provided.

5) Assisted Living are just for those with degrading health

resident-on-the-porchIt may surprise some people to learn that people with degrading health might not be admitted to an assisted living facility. The goal of these facilities is actually to help the residents to continue to live an active life for as long as possible. The assistance provided is there to enable a more active life, along with a good degree of independence. Without it, many seniors would likely discover that their health would likely decline quickly.

Learning more about assisted living facilities will enable you and your loved ones to get a true picture of what they have to offer. In many cases, seniors are often happier there because they have so much more in the way of activities and the community helps them to be more active and social. Friends and family members also continue to provide an active role in their care, further helping them to feel comfortable in a newer, healthy environment.

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