Will Google Glass be a Tool for People with Alzheimer’s?

Posted by Mike McQuinn on February 19, 2014 | no comments

Image by Flickr User lawrencegs

Image by Flickr User lawrencegs

Google Glass, a pair of glasses that allow the user to document their like from a first-person view, was released last year. Google invited others to share the ways they could use this tool, if given the opportunity. One answer says that experts believe Google Glass could be the next tool used in Alzheimer’s care. Because Google Glass has so many capabilities, some of them can help these patients navigate through the world safer and more informed.

Many times a resident of senior living with Alzheimer’s wander away from their homes and eventually forget where they were headed. Most of the time the resident would panic, but if they were wearing Google Glass, they could use it as a tool to help them find out where they were going.

First, the glasses could be programmed with a feature that reminds about intended destinations. In addition, once they have figured out where they were headed, Google Maps integration can give them step-by-step instructions on how to get where they were headed in the first place.

Also, because Google Glass has GPS tracking, if a family notices a loved one has wandered away, they can track them and find out where exactly they are. Even if the exact location is not determined, Google Glass has video capabilities that can allow relatives to see the senior’s surroundings. They will then use clues to find out the whereabouts of their loved one.

Secondly, Google Glass can serve as a memory support system. This is great for seniors who experience dementia by providing facial recognition to tell information about people. The way this will work is that Google Glass is hooked up to social networks and once it have recognized the face, it will tell more information about this person. This information is mostly name, relationship and any other interactions that have happened. But, it is important to note that facial recognition technology is forbidden due to privacy concerns, but might be a possibility for the future.

All in all, Google Glass has the potential to become the greatest tool used for Alzheimer’s Care. It will allow residents of senior living homes to use this technology to mitigate wandering, as well as be used as a memory tool to avoid confusion and embarrassment about their Alzheimer’s. Some of this technology is not yet integrated in Google Glass, but some say that we are not far from making these a reality.

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