How Often are Activities Scheduled?


Image by Flickr User Neil Conway

At The Manor on Marston Lake, we believe that as seniors, you must practice an active lifestyle. There are many different reasons this is true. First, activities provide you with a sense of purpose, which in turn enhances your overall wellness.

Secondly, activities foster connectedness. Spending time with other residents helps keep minds sharp and lowers the depression rate caused by isolation. If you make a meaningful connections with other residents, it will allow you to feel as though the community is your home.

Also, physical health is very good for maintaining health. When deciding which community to go with, make sure there activities include those that are physically active.

Activities also allow you to sustain your lifetime interests. Many residents bring their own hobbies and interests with them when they move in, so it is important you do too. This is important because you do not want to lose who you once were just because you moved from your home.

Lastly, activities give a sense of exploration and fun. People who are having fun feel better and smile more. Happiness is a huge component of your well-being. Fun activities like having sing-alongs, can greatly enrich your life.

It is also important that the facility you want to live in has a wide range of activities so you do not tire of them. We maintain a full slate of activities ranging from game nights, to live music, and trips to the city. If you want to find out more about our activities, as well as look at a calendar of events for this month, visit: