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What Services are Included in the Price?

We understand that the cost of services can vary and be tailored accordingly, but there are particularly services that are included no matter what, as well as additional services that may cost additional.

Our primary services are provided each and every day to everyone of our residents, free of charge. These are all included services. Some of these primary services include; medication management and administration, as well as weekly housekeeping.

When it comes to outside services, these are arranged to be brought into the community and are performed by our outside partners. These outside services are paid for by the residents’ health insurance providers. Some of these outside partners include primary care physicians and psychotherapists.

Lastly, we have additional special services that we are able to provide for an additional charge to our residents. These additional services are continence management, special medication administration and monitoring, and full assistance with personal care.

When you have decided to become a resident of The Manor on Marston Lake, we determine which of these services are going to be needed and which services you do not need at the moment. We have a well trained staff that will help you make these decisions.

For a complete list of services we offer, visit the following page: