apartments_35_16What Accommodations and Furnishings are Available?

Assisted living facilities can range from the size of a small house to a large retirement community, therefore, accommodations are going to vary from facility to facility. Some homes have private apartments for each resident, while others have shared spaces. In addition, some retirement communities have small village housing for residents who do not need too much assistance with daily activities.

Here at The Manor on Marston Lake, we have different floor plans for our residents, so that they may choose the best option for their needs and lifestyle. The different options we offer are: the lakeview deck, lakeview balcony, and lakeview apartment.

When it comes to the amenities of the rooms, some come fully furnished, while some require you to bring your own furnishings. Some rooms come with a kitchen which may also include a refrigerator, sink, and cooking element. All bathrooms should be designed to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers, whether the residents needs assistance now or maybe in the future. You may need to look into the different types of apartments and amenities to figure out what your room will include.

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