Does the Facility Have a Nurse on Staff?


Image by Flickr User Edenpictures

Because we are an assisted living facility, we are non-medical homes that provide rooms, meals, housekeeping, supervision, storage and distribution of medications, and personal care assistance based on the senior’s needs.

Our facilities are designed for people unable to live by themselves, but they do not need 24 hour nursing care. We are not required to have a nurse or doctor on staff, but at The Manor on Marston Lake, we believe that healthcare is important, so we have trained caregivers on staff 24/7. In addition, we have certified physicians visit the facility to make going to doctor’s appointments much easier. In addition to doctors, we also have physical therapists and other miscellaneous medical experts visit the home as needed. These benefits are outside services, which means we arrange for them to come for visits, but the services are paid by residents or their insurance provider.

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