What Transportation is Available at the Facility?


Image by Flickr User Bradleygee

At The Manor on Marston Lake, we do not have our own facility transportation, but we work closely with the RTD Access-a-Ride transportation service. We even help arrange the transportation for you, so you do not have to do anything.

Access-a-Ride provides local bus transportation for others who need extra assistance. They offer curbside service with driver assistance. They help individuals who cannot access public transportation and/or light rail services. You can schedule trips within many counties throughout the front range. As long as you are located ¾ of a mile from the local bus system, we will be able to help you.

Before you begin using the service, you must be pre-approved. In order to qualify you must complete a functional evaluation in person and provide a physician;s statement to verify you need this service.

Once you have been approved, you should book your ride 1-3 days prior to the travel date, since these are pre-scheduled. The prices vary from $4.50 one-way to $26.00 one-way depending on how far your destination is located.