Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

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slide-1-638Once you have evaluated whether or not you or your loved one is ready to live in an assisted living home, there are many steps you must follow to find the best care for you or your loved ones particular needs.

Surprise Visits

You should start by researching assisted living facilities in the location that is right for you, as well as getting recommendations from people that are close friends or relatives. The Internet can also be a useful tool for basic information. You can see photos and read reviews written by others on their experience with the assisted living facility, but you will not get a real feel for the home unless you make a surprise visit to see what they are like in person.

You can make an appointment if you feel the need, but it is always good to see how they are towards people when you visit unexpectedly.  If possible, stay for a meal in the dining room. Chances are the food could be a deciding factor in whether or not you decide this is the place for you.

Also, pay attention to the cleanliness and how the staff interacts with others and whether the rooms appear to be comfortable.

Find out all fees (especially hidden)

You will need to ask the staff all about pricing. Come prepared with a lot of questions. Some of these questions will be listed in the bottom section of this post. There can be many hidden fees that add up. You want to make sure you are doing a thorough investigation of the initial fees and any that are hidden. Asking questions is the best way to make sure you understand the way there pricing works.

Many assisted living homes charge different rates for different levels of care, as well as one-time admissions fee that they may not tell you about if you do not ask the right questions.

What about transportation services

Many elders come to a point where they are no longer comfortable to drive a car, but they still want to get out and do their daily activities. Therefore, it is important that you make sure they have transportation that you need and will take you where you need to go.

Some facilities will have a van that takes residents to recreational activities and weekly trips to the shopping mall, but sometimes they will charge you for doctor’s appointments, so again, make sure you inquire about cost for the transportation.

Hire Help, if necessary

Sometimes it can be a great help to hire an assisted living advisor to help you choose. They will offer guidance by meeting with you and doing research to find the best options for you. This takes a lot of the dirty work away and makes your life much easier.

The prices can range anywhere from $100 to $200 per hour, but it can be worth it if needed. They also work with the facilities manager to make sure they meet your needs and if they need to adjust their schedule. They make you feel right at home.

Does the facility meet your needs?

First off, choose the facility that comes closest to your needs. When in this process, make sure you remember that nothing is perfect. Make sure you ask the right questions. Below I have listed some questions that will help you along the way.

  • How many residents live in the center?
  • What is the aid to resident ratio?
  • Does the facility offer specialized care services?
  • Is the facility close to a hospital?
  • Is the facility full licensed and wheelchair accessible?
  • What are the dining options?
  • Are transportation services offered?
  • What is the baseline fee?
  • What services are provided for that fee?
  • What are the additional charges for fees and services?
  • When, how often, and why can fees be changed?
  • How are my prescriptions filled?
  • How often are activities scheduled?

Keep in mind that there are many other questions that could be asked. Think of yourself and what needs are important to you and form the questions that you desire before you visit the facility. Also, remember that you should look at more than just one facility. It will help confirm your choice for a particular assisted living community.

For more information on the assisted living facility, The Manor on Marston Lake, call (303) 932-9808 today, or come in for a visit!

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