Transitioning into Assisted Living with Pets

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Moving into an assisted living facility is stressful no matter the circumstances. For many, it is the first time they have not resided in their home for years. They also have to get used to different schedules, interactions with staff and peers, different meal variations, potential roommates, and the general aura of the living conditions. This situation only becomes further complicated with the addition of pets, both emotionally and logistically. Below you can find some suggestions and ways to remain calm if you own a pet, but are moving into an assisted living facility.assisted living with pets

Pet Friendly

The first step is to check and the rules regarding pets in your specific assisted living facility. Some assisted living communities are pet-friendly, but it usually costs a little extra, and under no circumstance can you bring a pet into a memory care community. If the facility is not pet-friendly, is it possible to find one that is? Many seniors visit different facilities to find the one that best suits them and making sure to find one that allows pets may be a desired criterion or high on the list for a pet loving senior. This is not possible for every senior though, and some seniors are forced to find a new home for their pet. Here are some suggestions to help find your pets the most desirable home possible if they cannot accompany you to your new abode.

Family and Friends

This seems like a no-brainer, but chances are your family and friends are your best bet to take care of the pet. They have spent the most time growing attached to both you and the pet and will feel the most sentimental attraction. Family and friends may also know someone else. It can be a “heard it through the grapevine effect” where one of their acquaintances, neighbors, or colleagues, can help.

Fliers and Bulletins

Places of worship, bingo centers, libraries, and other social arenas are great places to promote an adoption for your pet. They also allow you a chance to meet the potential adopter so you can decide where your pet ends up. Talk to your grandchildren or the youth about craigslist, as well. Even ask your children and grandchildren to reach out to friends on facebook.

Adoption Center

Many seniors think of an adoption center as the last resort for their pet. In reality, adoption centers do help millions of pets find new homes each year, and there are even programs that aim to connect seniors with senior pets.

Wills and Trusts

Wills and trusts both help to ensure that if you get sick, incapacitated, or die, that your possessions will be taken care of and entrusted to certain esteemed individuals or organizations. Pets are property and thus fall under the same legal jurisdiction as all other assets a senior owns. They can be legally entrusted to people or organizations you deem worthy. By setting it up your will, you can rest easy that your pets will be going to a willing and trusting home.

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